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    Reporting Meet Scores

    Who should report scores?

    • Every team should be reporting the meet score after every competition.  It is not only for the teams that think they might make it into the rankings.  Every head coach should either delegate someone or be that someone to report meet results to local newspapers, larger area newspapers, the MSHSL web site, and the coaches association.  This is good practice because it gets your team and our sport more public recognition.  If we coaches are not pushing publicity for our sport, then who will?

    How should scores be submitted to the MSHSL web site?

    • Each school has access to update their own information.  Ask your athletic director for your login.  It is very simple and quick to use.  Many media sources look to the web site for information, and we want to get any publicity for our sport that we can.

    How should scores be submitted to the coaches association?

    • Include the team names, the team scores, and the date ONLY
    • Do not send full results and/or pictures
    • Information must be within the email text area (no need to open attachments)
       EXAMPLE:     12/12/16 St Cloud 125.65 vs Minneapolis 126.6

    For coaches of Class AA schools:

    Submit your scores after each competition to

    For coaches of Class A schools:

    Submit scores after each competition to BOTH AND

    If you have ideas for items that would be beneficial to have on this site please submit them to