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 By State Association adoption and beginning with the 2010 volleyball season, all varsity girls’ volleyball matches must be conducted using a three-color paneled ball from any manufacturer. The panels must be blue, gray, and white and must be solid in color. At least one-third of the panels shall be solid white. The ball must also meet Rule 3-2-1 of the NFHS Volleyball Rules book which states: the volleyball shall be spherical with a laceless molded cover of 12 or more panels of genuine or simulated smooth leather (not suede). This ball is not required for sub-varsity levels.


[Baden is the volleyball used at the state tournament; you may use other volleyball brands for varsity matches.]  Baden displays two different vb types on their website that would meet the MSHSL requirements:  The Lexum 15-0 (which will have a name change) and the Baden Perfection (which will be discontinued).  Clarification:  All game balls will be called “Perfection 15-0” which is actually the Baden Lexum 15-0 with a name change to: Baden Perfection 15-0



During the School Year Prior to and Following the High School Sport Season:  No full time or part time member of the high school coaching staff at the sophomore, B-squad, junior varsity or varsity level, paid or unpaid, shall own, organize, conduct, administer or instruct in a camp or clinic for athletes who have participated at the varsity, junior varsity, B-squad or sophomore level for that school during the school year.  During the Summer:  High school coaches may provide coaching and training to members of their high school team provided that the high school coach has applied for and been approved for a summer coaching waiver. (See Bylaw 208.00 Summer Coaching Waiver)  Summer contact time for athletic camps and clinics shall be from June 1 through July 31, exclusive of the no contact period of July 1 through July 7.  First Violation:  The student shall lose eligibility IN THAT SPORT for the next two consecutive interscholastic contests or two weeks, 14 calendar days, of that season, whichever is greater.



Rather than beginning the set with a penalty of a loss of rally and a point for the opponents, the head coach [will be allowed] to make a substitution after the lineup is submitted.



League bylaws prevent the scheduling of practice, games, meetings, pictures or scrimmages on a Sunday for all League-sponsored activities. 



By definition, an interscholastic scrimmage involves high school students only. Scrimmages or practices with college, community college, or other non-school programs are not allowed.  Each athletic program is allowed three calendar dates to hold three days of scrimmages or two days of scrimmages and one jamboree day.  Scrimmage sessions shall not approximate or equal actual game conditions.  A time clock may be used during the scrimmage in order to approximate certain game situations during which coaches may want to give instructions to their athletes. 


Teams participating in a scrimmage MAY NOT:

Use a scoreboard or any other device to keep score or show points scored;

Keep an official or unofficial scorebook;.

Use game uniforms or uniforms identifying the school.  Practice jerseys are permitted;

Charge admission of any kind for the scrimmage.  This includes free will donations;

Advertise or promote the scrimmage;

Officials can be used;

Record or report scores of the scrimmage.

An Alumni game, if not played under the conditions described [above], must count toward the limit of games allowed.



A student is limited to a maximum of five (5) games per day. Participation in any game counts as one (1) game. This includes junior high, B-squad, JV and/or varsity competition.  [Tournaments are exceptions].



If teams play only 2 games [at a tournament] with an opponent, the winner of the match will be decided by the following criteria:

  1. A team winning both games shall be declared the winner.

  2. If a team has split the games with one win and one loss, the winner shall be declared using one of these criteria

  1. one team has scored more total points than the other team or

  2. if both teams have scored the same total points there are two options:

  1. Continue play in game 2 until one team has scored a total of 2 more points than the other team

  2. or play a 5-point game to determine the winner.


Bobby pins and unadorned flat clips no longer than 2 inches are allowed in hair

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