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    MSHSCA Social Justice Statement - July 4, 2020

    The Minnesota State High School Coaches Association (MSHSCA) believes that sports and activities have long been a conduit for social change.  As a professional organization of coaches, we acknowledge that students, coaches, and families of color face the challenges of racism every day.

    We believe that sports and activities have the power to break down barriers and work to eliminate injustice, prejudice, and discrimination.  Sports and activities bring people together, build unity and teach lifelong values such as personal responsibility and respect for others.   

    The MSHSCA condemns systematic racism and is committed to positive social change within our society for all people.  As leaders, we will use our platforms and positions to stand up for justice, equity, and fairness. The coaches of the MSHSCA are united in our commitment to fight racism and other forms of discrimination to create an inclusive society where all individuals are able to flourish and live their American Dream! 

    MSHSCA Board of Directors

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