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April 22, 2023

Mora Vasaloppet Center

Meeting called to order by President Dave Paulson./ Welcome for the Vasaloppet Board Chip Gerdin

Treasurer's Report  Rich Heilman. We have a balance  $5,934,19

Secretary's Report and Victor Dunder Program  Denny Nelson (Denny Green). Fall 2022 Minutes approved as read.  Eight first-year skiers were awarded equipment packages.  Sponsoring shops are Joe's, Hoigaard's, Finn Sisu, Pioneer Midwest, Gear West, Revolution, Ski Hut, The Home Place and Continental. This equipment stays with the team.

Coach Of The Year- Dave Paulson announced Bonnie Fuller Kask of Duluth East as the COY.

Assistant Coaches of the Year- Dave Paulson and Andrew Hansen.  Ben Croft and Ellen McCarthy are this year's Assistants of the Year. This award will be given to two coaches in the future.

Hall of Fame Nominations.  Ben Croft nominated Paula Anderson and Cheri Johnson, to be voted on Fall 2023.

CXC Presentation  Yuri Gusev reviewed the operation of the organization.

Nordic Rules Presentation  Scott Wilson representing FIS rules, emphasizing correct use of a jury.

Proposals.  Andrew Hansen reviewed the five Proposals to be voted on by the MSHSL on June 6th. (Refer to the Fall 2022 Minutes).

New Proposals. Andrew Hansen  Refer to the email sent to members on April 28 to review these Proposals.

Coaching Insurance  Dave Paulson.  It is critical that all coaches check with their AD's on what coverage is available to each coach.  This varies from District to District. Association members have coverage through the MNHSCA. That coverage does not include non-MSHSL sanctioned


Charlie Banks Event.. Dave Paulson  This is the sole fund-raising event for our Association. It will be held at Mora on January 20th, 2024.  This will be a 10km skate race. There will be a limit on the number of teams able to be entered.  Ten athletes maximum from each entered school can be entered.

The Association's Fall Meeting will be held at Mora on Saturday, October 14th 2024

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Links to the proposal forms are below. 

Please see the following language in our Bylaws regarding proposals: “Any Proposal to be considered at a meeting of the Members shall be in writing and submitted to any member of the Advisory Committee four (4) weeks prior to the annual spring meeting. Within two (2) weeks of receiving the Proposal, the President shall cause the Proposal to be sent to the Members. Proposals are to be presented at the annual Spring meeting, revised during the summer, and then presented in revised form at the Fall meeting for a general member vote to continue to move forward or not. Approved proposals are then officially voted on electronically by all head coaches in the state by electronic voting which should take place within 4 weeks of the Fall meeting.” 

Link to Minor Change Proposal Form

Link to Major Change Proposal Form


"The MSHSNSCA prohibits the use of all fluorinated waxes, including kick waxes, in all high school races, at every level.   This Includes the Mesabi East Invite, Conference Meets, Section Meets  and the MSHSL State Meet."


The Nordic Ski Coaches Association exists to develop, promote and grow nordic skiing opportunities for Minnesota high school skiers. We do this through: 

* Establishing and supporting uniform and equitable rules for high school athletes in Nordic skiing.

* Acting as a communication vehicle with the MSHSL for Minnesota coaches regarding rules, regulations and section and state meet formats.

* Elevating standards of sportsmanship and providing youth with leadership role models.

* Maintaining good relationships and unifying efforts between all agencies involved in developing nordic skiing.

*Promoting and providing coaching education and support for high school nordic ski coaches.