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HISTORY: The MN High School Nordic Coaches Association began a waxing truce policy in 2017. and continued to do so, following suit with what is being done in other regions across the country, i.e. Alaska and New England. The largest health concern comes from the use of pure, or 100%, Fluorinated wax in the powder form, due not only to the high concentration of Fluorine, but also that the procedure for applying them involves the use of high heat, which creates a toxic wax vapor.  Pure Fluoro’s in the block form can be heated, but are just as effective when applied with a cork, so no vaporization.  Pure Fluorinated wax also comes in a liquid form, but does not require heat, and is simply rubbed on.

JUSTIFICATION: For a variety of reasons, such as health concerns, cost, and helping to level the playing field, as an association we drastically reduced the use of pure, 100% fluorinated waxes, and left up to conference coaches to minimize the use of Low Fluorinated (LF) and High Fluorinated (HF) waxes during non post season competitions.  (For example, the Lake Conference has eliminated the use of LF and HF waxes for their conference level races.)  These LF and HF waxes have much lower %’s of Fluorine in them (5% - 20%) and are mixed with hydrocarbon wax, and drastically reduce fluorine vapors. 

POLICY:  For the 2017-present, we propose the following:

·      Complete ban of pure, 100% Fluorinated powder wax from any MSHSL sanctioned race.

Restrict the use of pure, 100% Fluorinated block and liquid wax to Post Season, Section and State Championships only.  Any use of these waxes must follow manufactures recommendations for application, i.e. Wearing of respiratory masks, and done is well ventilated air space.  No heating of this wax is allowed.  And no student athletes are allowed in areas where pure fluorinated wax is being applied.

 Eliminate the use of LF and HF wax at regular season conference level races.  The use of LF,  HF and SOLID FLUORO waxes  (no powders) will be allowed at Conference Championships (upon conference coaches agreement), Section Championships, and State Championships.



Victor C. Dunder Award Nominations

Congratulations on finishing your season.  Don’t forget about the Victor C Dunder Award. This award is, in short, an award designed to get quality equipment to FIRST YEAR skiers in financial need.  It needs to be based on need. You may nominate one boy OR one girl from your team who is a first year skier to receive the award. Please see the link on the coaches’ website for more info. There is an application that each skier needs to fill out and also a short form and essay that the coach needs to fill out as well. Remember, the coach needs to be a member of the coaches association. Deadline is March 31st. Here is the link: Victor C. Dunder Award
If you have any questions in regards to this, please let me know at:
Thank you for your time,
Denny Green
Victor C. Dunder Award Committee
Coon Rapids Nordic Skiing


LINK Victor C. Dunder Award