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The true team series was originated in 1987 by the State Track and Field  Coaches Association, to address the need in Track and Field for a True TEAM competition. In previous years, a team with a few elite athletes could win the “Team Championship” in a large meet.  The Coaches felt the Team Championship should be won by the best TEAM.

 In True Team competition, each team is allowed 2 entries in Class 1 A and 2A (3 entries in Class 3A) in individual events and 1 entry in each relay event.  Every entry is placed and scored according to their order of finish, with the idea that a team’s second or third entry becomes just as important as their first entry.

There are 3 classes in True Team Competition, with the classes based on enrollment.  Enrollments are reviewed on an annual basis, and alignments are revised each July by the True Team Committee.

Throughout the State, there are 8 Sections in each Class, with the Champion in each Section Advancing to the State Meet.  As of 2018, all section 2nd-5th place teams will compete in a "paper meet"  with the top four teams also advancing to the state meet as  “Wild Card” teams. The state meet will consist of 12 teams per class per gender. 

Minnesota is the only State which holds True Team competition in Track & Field.  It is organized, governed, coordinated, and sponsored by the State Track & Field Coaches Association.


Why was the Minnesota True Team Championship philosophy developed?

  1. Because of many Minnesota track and field coaches who were dissatisfied with the existing system which did not determine a true team champion.
  2. To recognize overall team strength.
  3. To discount the possibility of a championship where only 2, 3, or 4 individuals score all the points.
  4. To encourage more participation through 3 divisions throughout the state which were determined through school enrollment.
  5. To provide fans with a more exciting format and scoring system in which to determine a Team State Champion.
  6. To encourage teams to develop all events and therefore greater participation.


Key Contact Information

Eric Klein

True Team Chair; Vice President of TF Association

Mark Alcorn

True Team State Meets Manager, Finance Director, all matters true team

Tony Einertson

Section Meets Coordinator