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Victor C. Dunder Ski Equipment Award for First Year Skiers

Sponsored by The Minnesota State High School Nordic Ski Coaches Association & Minnesota Ski Shops

 Who was Victor C. Dunder?

  • Immigrated from Sweden with family age 2
  • Raised in Two Harbors, excellent athlete in high school and college
  • Coached skiing at Duluth Central
  • 1931 Mr. Dunder set up the first high school nordic ski competition in the nation
  • 1932 hosted the first MN State Ski Meet
  • Mr. Dunder is the Father of High School Skiing in both Minnesota and the Nation
  • Granddaughter, Patti Dunder is a current member of the Victor C. Dunder Award Committee

Victor C. Dunder Award

  • An award provided by Minnesota ski shops and the MN State High School Nordic Ski Coaches Association
  • For motivated skiers in grades 7-12 who have completed one year of skiing on a high school team
  • Based on coaches recommendation, skiers application and financial need
  • The award is designed to help promising first year skiers obtain needed equipment.
  • According to MSHSL rules, high school skiers are not allowed to receive awards worth more than $100.
  • One skier per team per year is eligible
  • Skiers coach must be a current member of the MSHSCA to be eligible to receive this award
  • Skis and equipment will be awarded to the award winning skier's team. The skier may borrow the skis as long as they are on the team. Upon graduation the awarded equipment will stay with the team to benefit other high school skiers.

How can I be a part of making this award possible?

  • Become a partner ski shop by donating funds or equipment to the MSHSNSCA Victor C. Dunder Award Fund on an annual basis
  • Individuals who would like to support this award are also invited to contribute.
  • Contact a member of the VCD Award Committee for more information. Current members Denney Green or Patti Dunder

Become a Sponsor

Award Application


The VCDA is provided by the Minnesota State High School Nordic Ski Coaches Association, Minnesota ski shops, and individual skiers for motivated first year skiers designed to help promising young skiers obtain needed equipment.

MSHSL bylaws state that a high school athlete may not receive awards or gifts worth more than $100.  All awarded equipment will presented to the award recipient’s school ski team, but is the athletes to use as long as they are a member of the school’s Nordic ski team.  Upon graduation the equipment will be retained by the team to benefit future high school skiers.

The application consists of two sections; one for athletes and one for coaches. Below you will find links that you may use to download the portion(s) of the application that you need. The athlete and coach portions may be submitted together or individually, as long as both sections are received (or postmarked) on or before March 31st.

Applications may be submitted three different ways

1. Download the Microsoft World Version

Once opened you will notice darkened boxes after each question. Simply click on one to begin typing. When the application is completed please email it to

2. Download the PDF file

This file is not interactive, but you may fill out the form and mail it to the address listed at the bottom of the application. Please print legibly.

3. Answer Questions in any electronic means of your choosing

Using the questions as a guide, answer the questions in any electronic means of your choosing (i.e., AppleWorks, email, etc.)