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Mission Statement of the Minnesota Robotics Coaches Association

The mission of the Minnesota Robotics Coaches Association (MRCA) is to recognize and support mentors/coaches in their quest to provide the best robotics opportunity possible for high school students in Minnesota.

Cost Per Year

$45 for the calendar year ($35 to MSHSCA and $10 to MRCA)

Who This Organization Supports

Mentors/coaches of FIRST Robotics Competition throughout Minnesota.

What this offers: A voice for coaches/mentors, access to the Prep Coach newsletter, and recognition for mentor/coach, assistant mentor/coach of the year, academic team and individual award, recognition of state championship mentors/coaches, and perks at various hotels. United support for ALL activities/athletic programs. Access to the and MRCA website.

UPDATE ON INSURANCE: From henceforth the insurance policy has been upgraded to $2Million dollar liability insurance (previously $1M).

Where the money goes to:

  • Insurance
  • Costs of Awards
  • Scholarships
  • MRCA Website
  • Miscellaneous Association costs such as printing, mailings, postage, etc.

The Importance of the MRCA

The liability insurance is the big piece in all of this. This insurance covers the member mentor/coach at local build sites and at event sites (both during the season and at off-season events). What it does not cover is if a member/coach is driving students to the events. It also mandates that the member coach/mentor has gone through a background check. This does include the Youth Protection Policy provided by FIRST. Liability insurance covers you during the membership year from August 1 to July 31. Therefore we encourage you to join as soon as possible. The second reason is to recognize mentors/coaches and team members just like other athletes in our school. The MRCA will act much like the other branches of the MSHCA in terms of the awards.

  • The MRCA will recognize:
    • All Academic Awards for Individuals (Starting in 2019)
    • All-State Academic Team Awards (starting in 2019)
    • Mentors/Coaches (starting in 2020 2021)*
    • All-state Teams (starting in 2020 2021)*
    • Coaches Hall of Fame (starting in 2020 2021)*

      *Due to the pandemic Covid-19 these awards will be pushed off to 2021 or later.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

We are working to organize our regional representatives at this time.  Once we have all eight regional representatives in order, we will then announce our 2020-21 meetings.

The plan moving forward is to use the JUMPSTART Training events for our pre-season meetings for 2020-21.  The in-season mentor meetings for 2020-21 are planned for the Duluth and Minneapolis Regional events.

Stay healthy!